Instructions to specialized editors

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ChileanJAR Electronic Edition System allows to send observations and suggest reviewers to the editorial office from your Editor Home Page. In your Editor Home Page you will also find a corresponding revision certificate for each revised manuscript.
In order to not delay the edition process, please send your response before deadline (2 weeks).
If you recommend the paper for publication, please include the name of at least two specialized reviewers along with your observations. If the manuscript is rejected, justify the reasons of your decision.
This process is anonymous; reviewers receive a copy of the manuscript without the name(s) of the author(s). Only specialized editor knows the name of the authors to recommend impartial reviewers.

The main aspects that the specialized Editor must evaluate are:

  • Contributions must satisfy the highest scientific quality norms before to be approved for publication.
  • Title must be clear and adequate; the Abstract must be representative and well written. Key words must be pertinent.
  • Objective must be important, original, and clearly expressed.
  • Presentation and interpretation of data, figures or tables must be correct.
  • Discussion must be relevant and balanced, with appropriate conclusions.


Impartial and objective judgment of the specialized Editor is fundamental to the prestige of ChileanJAR.


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